Blue Green offers consulting in Network and Security. We are vendor neutral, but have deep experience in Cisco. We have experience with all major security vendors. Every job has the right tool. Looking at the clients needs, budget, and acceptable risks for the client, will guide the vendor selection process. We also have

Chris has been working with computers since the age of 8. He started in his mother’s Accounting office in the San Francisco Bay Area. He did his first network job when he was 12(Does anyone know what IPX is?). Chris created Blue Green in 2009.

We can provide IT Consulting services on a fixed price or per hours basis. Feel free to contact us for a quote

Blue Green was established in 2009 in South Royalton, VT. Today, Blue Green provides Network, Security, services. In the past Blue Green has provided a range of IT Consulting including, Systems Break/Fix/Design, VOIP, Web Development. Blue Green does business with clients and vendors across the world on a daily basis. With our sister companies we have a workforce on three different continents.